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Bali is a paradise -  it is a sunny island with turquoise seas and beautiful white beaches, emerald green rice paddy fields and magnificent volcanoes. The destination is part of the Coral Triangle and is known for its great diversity in marine species, which makes Bali the perfect spot for all water activities, namely scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. You'll find Bali-Hinduism in every level of society. Ceremonies are held at various times throughout the year. Local markets are stocked with a range of fantastic handicrafts. Temple are beautifully crafted as to please the Gods. It is easy to get pampered by the endless spa treatments Bali is famous for. You can do yoga, you can hang out on the beach, you can surf, you can wander and explore and go dancing in the bars which are open all night. Bali has it all.

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Travel facts Bali

Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Language Balinese, but English is widely spoken
Local time GMT (London) + 7.00hours
Public holidays Public Holidays Bali
Next to the public holidays that are celebrated throughout Indonesia, Bali has a number of unique temple ceremonies and recurring ceremonies. They mostly concur with full moon, during which time Bali into a colorful frenzy
Climate in Bali Weather in Bali
Visa & Passport Passport and visa information Bali


Travel to Bali

Travel Highlights

Besakih Temple
Besakih Temple is Bali's holiest and biggest temple complex. Situated at 1000 meters hight on Mount Agung more than 86 temples form this bautful complex. It is not only a trekking point for religion and culture, but also for scenic views over Bali's landscape.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a nature reserve and temple complex. It is well known for the long-tailed Macaques monkeys living there. 

Tanah Lot Temple
Built on the Rock formation Tanah Lot, surrounded by the sea, it is not surprisingly that this temple is dedicated to the god and power of the sea. 
The temple belongs to one of the sea temples along the coast of Bali. 

Rice Terraces
Built like staircase to the dwellings of the Gods, Bali’s rice terraces in offer stunning views. Picture perfect landscapes can be enjoyed on many locations just a short distance away from the busy south, where most resorts are located. Drive up to the country side and  immerse yourself in the lush green color of Bali..

Uluwatu Temple
Aonther beautiful sea temple is Uluwatu Temple. High on top of the cliffs and surrounded by the sea, the setting of this temple is a true highlight for everyone travelling to Bali.

Bali’s mountain lakes.
Bali is crossed by an impressive range of towering mountains. The slopes are gentle towards the south and nothing less than dramatic towards the north. The peaks are dotted by lakes, offering visitors the option of great rain forest hikes. Its shores are often lined with Hindu temples. Views on volcanic crates are awesome.

Balinese architecture.
During virtually every excursion, you will be confronted by Balinese architecture. Temples as well as home dwellings are designed along Hindu principles. Every house has three main section and no matter where you are, they are always oriented from the sea to the mountains.

Attend a Balinese temple ceremony.
Each month is always accompanied with ceremonies at local temples across the island. Odalan or temple anniversaries often concur during full moon. During those periods, Bali usually goes into a frenzy, marked by special ceremonies, increased temple activity and sacred dances. These ceremonies are unique, lively and colorful events, where visitors are welcome.


Travel to Bali

Bali program idea

In the evening, a special dinner will be arranged at the Prince’s house. The beautiful building is the former house of one of the sons of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII, Gusti Pangeran Hangabehi, which ruled Yogjakarta in 1877– 1920. The historical building is still rtistically decorated with furniture from the late 19th century which gives a strong traditional Kraton-like influence.
Located in the same complex of the Kraton, once you enter through the big whiteclad gate, the house requires no heavy decorations to turn it into a Royal Gala Dinner venue. Welcomed by troops of men in Kraton’s soldier-like outfit, the waiters in the equally enchanting costume will escort you to your seat. During or before the dinner ends an enchanting and gracious Ramayana Dance will be performed to celebrate the night.

More about Kelana DMC

Kelana DMCKelana DMC is an inbound operator for Bali.  We have a formidable team who can assist with both leisure and incentives. For more than 20 years we have a top reputation in the market.

We cater to you and your clients for whatever your needs are, anything is possible through this strong, experienced, and professional team. We're strong in Bali, but at Kelana DMC we operate all over the Indonesian archipelago.

Conference Hotels

Bali is blessed by charming hotels, and quite a few of them efficiently handle large meetings. 

Bali has two convention centers, located very near to one another.


Bali International Convention Centre is internationally renowned conference facilities in the southernmost tip of Bali. Located in a secluded enclave with access control by private security in the exclusive BTDC complex, and just 10 kilometers from Bali's international airport and 25 minutes from the chic and vivacious Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak districts, Nusa Dua exceeds all expectations as a world class tourist and business destination.

Nusa Dua is the premier resort area in Bali. The vicinity has an excellent tourism infrastructure with more than 4000 available rooms of international 4 and 5-stars chain hotels, a close by 18-holes Golf & Country Club, Amphitheater, alongside luxurious shops, Cafe and Restaurants with a seamless white sandy beach within a walking distance. Within this alluring atmosphere, Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) offers a promising eminence with its desirable location and compelling excesses. The whole concept consists of a high profile characteristic, an impressive 70,000 sqm garden landscape and a breathtaking Balinese architecture of a total 50,000 sqm building area which all integrated to create a complete infrastructure for any kind of events. .

At Kelana DMC we would be delighted to put together a fantastic program for your next conference or meeting together, incorporating team building activities and events, withy either of the above convention centers as your base !